Feel free to respond to my email on the contact page.  I would love to hear from those of you who have read any of these books and  I might post your remarks and/or pictures on one of my pages.

On December 20, 2017, I received the proof copy for my updated version of my poetry book entitled, "The Beauty and the Blackness of my Soul (Revised).  This book has received rave reviews and compared with some of the greatest poets in the world!  It also has a few songs and a few more surprises!



Great news, Little Girl Yellow has touched the hearts of almost everyone who has read her story!  The adults enjoyed this story just as much as their children!  Don't delay get your copy today!

Meet Wintrell Pittman Author and Illustrator

WRP'S PUBLICATIONS is proud to present, "The Children of the World Book Series.  The Children of the world logo has the hands of all the various races represented.  Each of those hands is holding up the world.  When you see this logo be reminded, that it takes people of all races, ethnic groups, and colors to make this world a better place. This twelve book series will be a help to any child.  I use crayon characters to teach children basic morals and values, and also to enhance their reading and comprehension skills.  They will also become familiar with their colors.  All twelve books are ready for your child, right now!  Order and watch your child learn and have fun all at the same time.  Little Girl Yellow is the first colorful character waiting to teach children, (and maybe some adults) how to be grateful for the things you have.  Excited?  Not as excited as I am to present to you this helpful and fun way to learn some powerful and lasting life lessons! 

  About the Children of the World Series

I want to share a bit of personal information about myself and the first thing I would like for my readers to know is, how I got my name.  According to my mother some months before I was born, a little boy was killed in a car accident near my grandmother's house.  As they gathered around to see what happened, my mother asked someone what was his name.  She was told that his name was Wintrell.  She immediately decided that's what she would name her child to be if it was indeed a boy.  I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee and attended Alonzo Locke Elementary, Porter Jr. High and Booker T. Washington High.  I have several degrees, including a Masters in Human Resources from Webster University (NAS).  I have worked with children every since I was in my early teens by teaching Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.  I have a certificate for working mentally impaired youth at the University of Tennessee School for Children.  I have a wife (Soncellia) and four children and ten grandchildren.   I've spoken at the commencement at Alonzo Locke Elementary,  Georgia Ave. Elementary at various other schools and several other youth-oriented gatherings.

I have a funny story I would like to share with you also.  I can remember when I was about  8 years old and I drew a picture on the upstairs wall in the hallway.  My father and mother didn't think it was such a great picture because of where it was drawn.  I paid the price for drawing on the wall, so I made up in my mind that the next time I draw, I would sign my younger brother's name.  His name was Gary.  He's deceased now, and you can read about his story in my autobiographical book, "Homosexuality, AIDS, and Voodoo."  Consequently, my father discovered the drawing and was about to discipline me again.  I said to him, "Look, that's not my name signed on the picture."  He looked and saw my younger brother's name scrawled on the wall and immediately commenced to distributing discipline to him instead of me.  Of course, I felt bad about what I did, and I promised myself that I would never do that again.  I've always had a love for art and in this series, you get a chance to share in my artistic abilities along with my talent for writing.