The Children of the World logo represents the various races and ethnic groups.  Those colorful hands are all working together to hold up the world.  Our message is simple:  It takes people all over the world to make our planet a safe and enjoyable place to live and we can only do this by working together!  


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Recommended for children 0-12 years of age but older children have read and enjoyed these books also!

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This is where you can purchase books written or published by author and Illustrator Wintrell Pittman.  Children (and some adults) will be excited as they learn some simple but profound life lessons while enjoying themselves at the same time!  Children of the World is a twelve book series created by Mr. Pittman especially for children.   Simply click, "Add to Cart" button to make your purchase now! Click on sample to read the complete story of Little Girl Yellow.  

Read about Little Girl Yellow,Little Boy Blue, Little Girl Purple,Little Girl Green, Little Boy White, Little Boy Brown, Little Girl Pink, Little Boy Gold, Little Boy Rust, and Little Boy Lime, Little Girl Blackand Little Boy Tan. There is a coloring activity at the end of each book along with the question:  What does this story mean to you?  Children will:  Become familiar with their colors, their reading and comprehension skills will be enhanced and they will learn to have tolerance and respect for the various people of the world and finally they will learn some valuable life lessons such as being thankful, respectful and the importance of having a good attitude.

Children of the World Book Series